Oct 18, 2010

Weekends Away

So I've been having a fabulous month of October!  You know how, when you're 26, and you're living with roommates you didn't chose, although you might not mind them - you might still think they're crazy and need a break.... That's how I feel.  I would really love to sell my contract and get out of BYU housing and live on my own, which was the original plan, until I met Zeb.  

So here I am still living in a tiny apartment I pay way too much for, have no freedom, and messy roommates; but I live about a 30 second walk from my boyfriend which is wonderful!  And to top it all off, it's like I don't live with roommates because I'm practically never, ever home!  The first weekend of October was spent in Oregon with my family, the Second in Oakley with his, and this weekend we spent in Springville Utah, doing nothing but visiting with friends and family, watching football, and taking lots of naps!   Just what the doctor ordered - how did I get so lucky to have so many incredible people in my life!!