Nov 11, 2010

.....Weird Day

Today a UPS packaged showed up at work.... no name on it.  Now usually I answer the front desk and sign for packages but this time I did not.  Which turns out to be a good thing because it was a package full of little bottles labeled "bath salt" each containing 1 gram of some type of synthetic drug.  Weird.  No one ordered it - or at least wouldn't fess up and it only had the company name on it.  It was $1300 worth of who knows what probably cocain or excasty.  We called the police and gave it to them and they are going to go pay a visit to the "shipped from" address.  Wouldn't want to be those guys!  Turns out - synthetic drugs, however, are not illegal.  Who would have thought.

That's the kind of stuff I mean when I say 
"It's been kinda a weird day"