Mar 23, 2011

Where has Lisa been?

I'm sure you have been wondering this lately!  I will tell you I was in Ogden, SLC, Murry, Draper, American For, Springville, Provo, and Orem this weekend.  My parents and brother were in town this weekend which was a complete and utter delight!  Pictures to follow tonight.  We ate food, rode go-carts, played laser tag, watched rango, ate some more, slept, and visited with loved ones.  It was a great weekend!  And so fun to spend time with those I love.

I think I lost this bike race - but I felt pretty hard core while doing it

clearly the shooting games were the most fun

in line waiting to play laser tag.  If I look sick - it's because the virtual ride shook me too much and I was

I was particularly keen on my parents getting to come to my ward and experience what I understand to be very inappropriate comments made in Sacrament meeting.  Now, not every sunday brings these uncomfortable delights, but this Sunday did not let me down.  And Special props to by Brother Scott who forgot his church clothes but decided to come anyway in jeans and a t-shirt.  I'm pretty sure God wanted him there even if he wasn't in a suit.

Weird things that go on in sacrament meeting are listed below:
1.  Asking for a raise of hands who attended Stake Conference on Saturday last week.
2. Pre-Sacrament pep-talk before the hymn involving a scripture reading and random thoughts
3. Post-Sacrament/ pre-talks lecture to let everyone who didn't partake of the sacrament know that He still loves them anyway and are glad they decided to come to church even though they couldn't participate fully.
4. Normal talks by members of the congregation and a great one by a member of the high council
5. A post talk lecture about how someone in the audience needs to come repent (This also happened a few weeks ago) and how horrible it would be if you were to die before you made it into his office for confession.

Shocking and yet oh so true.  You should come some time.  Always entertaining.