Apr 11, 2011

Let them eat cake!

Lately I have become a little obsessed with cupcakes.  Now, I know this trend started approximately 50 years ago and I'm just now getting into it.

But see..... I don't like cake.... cupcakes included.

Until I discovered Vanilla (Madagascar Vanilla that is).  I think it probably has some type of crack in it.  Because dang - I can't help myself!

First I had the cupcake at "CocaBean"

Then the cake at "The Chocolate"... Heavenly.  So Heavenly in fact I brought Zeb there this weekend because I love the place - however, it was beyond crowded, the cake was dry, the frosting crunchy from sitting out and it was gross.  not to mention the panic attacks caused by the hords of people looking for somewhere to sit but refusing to leave when there was no space....

I won't be going back.

Then today, my life changed.  I tried the cupcake from "The Sweet Tooth Fairy"  It was heavenly.  Divine even - Its a little shop north of Sams Club in south Provo.

Go!  Right now!  You're life will never be the same.