May 20, 2011

I'm being a wimp

You may not know this about me but I have an extremely high pain threshold (Very different from my motivation threshold when it comes to pushing myself on a long run or lifting weights).  This pain threshold has led me to do many stupid things: walk home from a friends house on a broken leg, survive extremely painful cramps for 18 years, and not go to the doctor for a month after breaking my thumb joint.  Well at the gym last week my trainer had me doing pushups off a metal bar.  It kinda hurt - but I still did all 60.  It's been throbbing for a week now and since moving the mouse on my computer makes it worse I finally called my mom to see if I was being stupid for worrying about it or if I should just go get it checked out.  She reminded me that I am right handed, I like to cut hair, and that thumbs are rather important.  Since it hurts exactly were I broke it (and almost needed pins) back in 2006 I have decided it's best to just go get it checked out so I don't have to worry about aggravating it.  So I'm off to the doctor in a few minutes. Luckily X-Rays are covered 100% in network on my insurance! :)