Jun 6, 2011

June 6th 2010

I started I like this.  My brother and sister in law had their wedding Saturday.  It was beautiful, I was sad and lonely, but proud for not completely falling apart in self pity (my younger brother getting married before me leaving me an old maid officially)  Monday I got off the airplane and headed over to Amanda's where people naturally congregate to see what was going on, nothing, but it was dinner time and I was hungry.  We called Aaron to ecruit men.  Aaron didn't want to go and so I called Zeb -  who doesn't like curry and his laundry was going.  I replied I'd be at his place in a minute to convince him.  I promised him we would have him back before the dryer shut off and, even though he didn't like curry he came with Amanda and I.  He was funny, handsome, and easy to talk to.  I loved him.  He didn't quite love me yet, but I had him on the hook.  later that week he would ask me if I wanted to come watch the Dark Knight with him.  I would like to and I did.  Some "after date" texts, sneaking away from the crowds of friends to be alone, flirty glances at church, and many delicious dinners later and I had myself a boyfriend, not just any boyfriend - the best boyfriend a girl could ask for.  It's been the best year of my life so far and I hope for many more best years to come.  And wouldn't you know it - he's even starting to enjoy curry!

Happy one year my love!