Nov 9, 2011

It's getting crafty at the McBrides!

I have very busy over at the McBride household getting ready for my mom's visit this weekend, working on controlling my anxiety and trying to figure out the problems with my gut.  

I have started seeing a Dr. and the McClean Clinic in Provo, whom I think I might be in love with.  While I have still be getting sick the intensity of the episodes and the effect they have on me are decreasing.  I still get sick even though I haven't eaten red meat in a month.... so it's just my stomach.  The only thing I can link getting sick to is eating.  It doesn't seem to matter what I eat.

If you know me, you know the best way I have found to manage my stress is to get crafty!  And get crafty I have!  I have been working on two baby blankets, and some Christmas decoration.  The first decoration I have made are these cute sparkly "christmas trees"

 They are magazines folded, painted, and glittered.  I think I love them!

Then you fold that pesky point at the bottom up.

Yes I folded ever single page in the magazine three times.... don't worry it didn't take long at all.

Paint those suckers white next!

Afterwards I painted them green and then dumped all sorts of glitter on them to make them look like they have glistening Christmas Lights on them.

I think I'll put them up as a background to my nativity scene.  I'll show you once I get the house all ready for Christmas!  Next will be the tree skirt!  I can't wait to show you