Dec 28, 2011

I didn't get a chance to upload my Christmas photos last night because I was very busy "New Years Cleaning" with my wonderful husband who did most of the work.  If you don't know what New Years Cleaning is - it's Spring cleaning, but in the dead of winter.  I think it makes you work faster because when you're in the garage and it's freezing and the light in the garage goes off every 3 minutes you want to get the job done.

Ok... you caught me, it wasn't that bad.  In fact it was wonderful.  When we moved into our place we threw all the "stuff" we didn't know what to do with into our closet which swallowed it, and everyone who tried to get into the closet whole.  So it was time, to decided what to keep and what to get rid off.  We took an ENTIRE car full of stuff to the DI last night, put these in our couch (thanks Santa!), bought clear storage tubs to store stuff in our garage in (clear so we don't have to play the game.... "maybe it's in that box.  Yeah, I'm sure it is - pull that one down.... nope, not this box.  Maybe that one....."  It was probably the smartest thing I've done in 2012 and it's not even 2012 yet!

So that very long story short is to say - no pictures today, but I do have a clean house and that's probably just as enjoyable for you right?

Speaking of the new years, lets talk about new years resolutions:  I usually have a very strict policy of avoiding them.  I feel it is the surest way to make you feel like a failure, and who wants to start every single year that way over and over and over.  So for the past few years I have thrown out all my underwear and bought new ones on the first of every year (TMI?  Sorry)  But I did this four months ago so I've been thinking off what else I can do to get my New Years off to a fresh start.  Maybe our cleaning job yesterday will do?  But It just seems like it's not enough... I'll keep you posted