Jan 9, 2012

A very smelly problem

Working in a pet food factory has all sorts of perks, slow moving deadlines, flexible schedule, nice co-workers.  The only problem is the smell!  It has never bothered me this much before because the offices are far from the production areas.  However, they have made a room in the office area for "tests" of the treats.  Lately i feel as if I can't stand it another minute!  The smell is intolerable, vomitesk smell that sticks to your clothes and hair and you can't escape it no matter how hard.  


I applied for some new jobs this weekend.  One of them even wrote back asking me to come in for an interview, but I didn't get the email until Saturday.  I told them I could come in any time this week.  I hope he responds.

Have a great week!

Oh - PS:  I saw Mission Impossible III This weekend.... AWESOME!  You must go see it