Feb 7, 2012

Happy Birthday Gavin!

My Nephew Gavin had a birthday this week!  He turned the big 1 and his party  was on Friday night.  He sure knows how to throw a great party!  (Thanks Ammon and Ali!!!)

He got some balls, some clothes, and some toys!  And really what more could you hope for when you're only one year old!  Don't you love his new truck!?!?!

When it was time to eat his cupcake, after the initial fear from the candle he seemed to really enjoy the frosting but wasn't so sure about having the sticky stuff on his hands, and especially not on his body as it started getting spread around.


But that didn't stop us all from eagerly hoping he would smash into the cake with the abandon of a naked baby on a table cloth.


We had a lot of fun and loved our time visiting with family and friends.  Happy Birthday Gavin!!!  You sure are loved (and very adorable!!!)