Mar 19, 2012

Pinterest win

Perhaps you have seen this on Pinterest?  

Perhaps you were as skeptical as I was? 

Here is my “curly” hair on a day of just letting it air dry without any curling……

Here is my “curly” hair after sleeping with my hair all rolled up in the headband while I slept……

I definite win in my book!

Also, because I like to embarrass myself (seeing as it comes so easily) would you like to see what I looked like right before bed with my hair all twisted up per the instructions?


(My poor, poor husband having to sleep next to hair like that!) 

I was secretly hoping it wouldn't work so I could have awesome curls without looking like a fool.

Also, If you're going to give it a try I suggest rolling it once your hair is maybe 60% dry so It will be dry by morning.