May 14, 2012

Another Pinterest Win

I found this beautiful wreath on Pinterest while back.  It is from Eiilnee which has an awesome template for making the paper roses.  I decided to make mine from aged piano paper (which turned out to be a lot of work)... (but also super cheap).  Any ways, I just sorta love this wreath.  It's kinda plain Jane, and maybe at the right time of year I would like it more.  For summer I think I need something a bit more spunky.  But it looks lovely and I had a fun time making it, also, it matches the decor in the room great - so there's always that as well.  Basically you print the stencil onto the paper of your choosing, cut them out, and glue them together.  It couldn't be easier.  The only hiccup I found was that it took twice the amount of paper roses it suggested to get the coverage I wanted, so be aware of that if  you give it a go.

It's actually a lot tougher than you would think for being made out of paper.

Have a great Monday!!