May 28, 2012

Finally a looser!

This week was my second week on weight watchers and I'm proud to report a loss of 3.4 pounds!!! That means I now weigh 153 pounds which is very close to my first goal of being under 150.  It feels so good to see the scale go down even if I look the same (or in my eyes - bigger).  It gives me the hope that as I keep up the hard work I'll reach my bigger goals... Here's to keeping up the good work!

This third week has been a bit hard. I'm missing sweets and having a hard time stopping once I start eating them.  I'm having to remind myself over and over again, "you can have more when your points start over tomorrow.  It's all about moderation people.  I'm learning more and more what has the most points and there are some very surprising high point things. But I still have found some good low point treats.

Wish me luck!!

Me with my family when they visited last week at 153 pounds