Jun 17, 2012

Happy fathers day

I'm am so greatful for my daddy.... Believe it or not some people don't know how to handle me when I fly off the handle and become an unreasonable person. Weird huh? But my dad always knows how to calm me down and has great advice and knows just what to say to me. We have a very special daddy/daughter bond and it means a lot to me.

(imagine a picture of me and my dad here.... I'll upload later )

When I met my husband I knew right away he was the right one for me because he reminded me ( in some ways) of my dad. His priorities are right, he's compassionate, and peaceful. I am so thankful to have Zeb in my life and I'm so excited for our children to have a father that will be kinda like my dad, we are going to have some lucky kids!!

I'm one lucky girl :)

Happy fathers day