Jun 4, 2012

Weekly weigh in

I don't know why I feel compelled to report my weight watchers progress on the blog... I guess it keeps me accountable. Sorry if it bothers anyone (but my gut feeling is it doesn't).

This week was disappointing. I gained 2.4 pounds which brought my total weight loss so far to 1 pound!! After being so good and tracking so well!!! Well I'm 95% sure it's all water weight but I won't know until next week. But I was discouraged and burnt out. Zeb noticed my downer mood and we had a awesome weekend dedicated to relaxing and recharging!! (more on that tomorrow).

I took two days off from tracking and ate normal and it really helped. I started up again after my ww "vacation" and feel on top of things and ready to keep going. Man I wish weight loss was easier :)

Next week I'll add back in some exercise which I'm sure will help a lot as well.