Aug 4, 2012

Friday Night

Last night my work threw up workers a party!  And boy do they go all out when they do this sort of thing....

They brought us the movie "Nitro Circus in 3D".  They changed the gym into a movie theatre and provided all the free candy and soda you could possibly eat in an hour and half.  Then to top it off at each showing they raffled off 2 free dirt bikes!

Sadly we did not win the dirt bikes.  But we did have a lot of fun!

Even sadder, this morning while I was putting my ring back on after my shower (because who would wear their brand new cleaned up ring in the shower!!!)  I dropped it, knocked the stone loose, and now I'll have to bring it back to the jewelers.

Oh well.... maybe they can fix the crappy job they did on the rhodium plating!  Why oh why do I have to be so slippery handed!

Also by way of random facts.... my right and left hand are significaly different in ring sizes.... what gives there???

Hope you have a great Saturday!  I'll be at the salon all day if you'd like some pampering... give me a call!  (801) 504-6013  Rumor has it I give an amazing pedicure