Jul 26, 2013

Exciting News!

I've been working on a project behind the scenes now for a few weeks and It's finally up and running!!!

I'll give you a hint:


I'm now running an etsy shop!

~Little Critters Nursery~

I'm so super excited, this is kinda my new baby.  I'm currently making designer fitted crib sheets, followed soon by full crib sets (sheets, crib skits & bumpers) and then will be branching out into curtains & changing pads, along with boppy and Car Seat Covers.  

I really could not be more excited!  Fingers crossed it goes well....  I probably ended up putting way too much time into patterning and searching for fabric, and well brainstorming my shop name, and all the descriptions, etc.  But I'm now taking orders and will be introducing a new fabric each Saturday so stay tuned!  There are lots of exciting things coming.   

I also am taking custom orders, so if you want a specific theme you can let me know, or I am also willing to take your fabrics that you send to me and sew them up for you!  My turn around time is...well lets just say it.... outstanding!

I knew majoring in sewing at college would pay off someday....

Wish me luck and let me know if I can help you out in anyway
(either for yourself or as the perfect gift)

Also, for readers of my blog I'm offering a 20% discount when you use the code: fromthehearts at checkout!!  Don't forget.....