Jun 8, 2016

Fully Licensed

We passed our home inspection (probably with flying colors but they didn't add any comments) and then we waiting 3 weeks for it to be sent to DCFS and reviewed.  It usually wouldn't have taken quite that long but they only review home study reports on Monday's and we got delayed by the Memorial Day holiday.  After reviewing our case study, interviews, financials, and medical records, they assigned us our Resource Family Consultant (RFC).  That was the final step!  So we will be meeting with her soon to discuss our hopes and dreams for our future family and what type of children we are dreaming of.  Then we will discuss real life and the children who are available.  Ok, actually I have no idea what we are going to talk about - but I love that they come to our home around our work schedule for all these meetings and we don't have to go to their offices during specific office hours.  That makes this whole process seem even easier!