Nov 18, 2010

My heart is breaking.... just a little

I'm torn!  My mom just gave me the opportunity to come home for Thanksgiving.  Just this morning while I was talking to her on the way to work.  My whole family will be there but me.  Including my beautiful new niece.  I have been invited and am SUPER excited to go to Zeb's house for Thanksgiving with his family.  He asked me to come with him back in October and I told him I didn't know.  So I talked with my mom and my family was not all getting together so I told him I'd love to come - and I really would!  But I'm home sick and my families plans changed and now they will all be there but me.  The thought of my whole family being there without me makes me so so sad.  But the thought of not being around Zeb makes me equally as sad.....  What would you do?  I wish I could just take him with me!!!!