Dec 21, 2010

Let's talk about the weather

Nothing brings on an anxiety stricken panic attack quite like a winter snow storm.  This was my though process this morning:

Wake up, look at the window "Holy Crap!  I can't drive in this!"  Then I watch out my window as car after car gets stuck and the person behind them jumps out of their car to help push.  "Nope, I'm not driving in this"  Crap Zeb probably already left.  Who else can I drive with... JOEL!!!  I arrange a ride with Joel and then call my boss to let her know I'll be in at nine.  Phone rings, Zeb, yes he will give me a ride home.  Sweet!  Rides all arranged, go back to the window in time to watch a school bus getting towed out of the hill it was stuck on.  Maybe I should just stay home???

But no, I'm here at work - and now I'm thinking what if this keeps up and we can't get home?  There is no way any car can get into my works unplowed parking lot!  Maybe I'll have to go out to the street when Zeb comes to pick me up.  What a crazy storm!!!!  I hope you're all safe and sound in a warm home with no where to go.  If not - GOOD LUCK!