Dec 22, 2010

Scabbers the Christmas mouse

I don't think I've mentioned my living conditions lately but they are rapidly going down hill.  As you may know I can't seem to clean my apartment as fast as my roommates mess it up and it is nasty!  I tried to move but that didn't work out so well.  So currently we have a drip in my bedroom ceiling (yes I live in the second floor - it's coming in from the window) and a mouse.  I can deal with the drip but the mouse is driving me a bit crazy.  They is mouse droppings in the cupboards and it's grossing me out!  But apparently only me.  I won't use our dishes or anything in the kitchen because it's really a health hazard.  We have two traps with Bacon on them but to no avial.  That little bugger doesn't seem to care.  So today at work when the wonderful orkin man who does the pest control for our building came into my office I got some tips!  And these treasures!!!

What are these you might ask - it's twelve - TWELVE - traps to catch the little bugger.  six snapping ones (to bait with peanut butter) and six sticky traps.  He warned me we better catch him before he multiplies - or we'll have around six mice!  So I'm going to just line the walls today and hopefully when I get back from the Christmas break there will be a dead scabbers for Zeb to help me clean up and then I can do some SERIOUS sanitizing in my apartment so I can eat there again.  Please, pray for me!