Dec 29, 2010

We all experienced it.... now lets talk about it

So tonight We stopped at the mall on the way home from work to run a few errands.  I swear we were in there no more than an hour and when we came out the perfectly clear roads had been covered with at least 3 inches of snow.  Where were the snow plows?  NO WHERE!!!  What is usually a 7 minute drive from the mall to my apartment turned into an hour long drive home with me slip sliding all over the roads, including getting pushed by two very nice strangers with my body shaking the whole drive.  It was a really big blessing to have Zeb driving behind me because I knew that even though I was only going maybe 5 miles an hour and still spinning out he wasn't getting impatient or wanting to flip me off like everyone else who has front wheel drive tomorrow and was speeding past me.  I'm sorry - I drive slow in the snow - not to piss you off, out of necessity so I don't slide sideways into you.  Needless to say - tomorrow is a snow day for me.  I'm super worried about Zeb driving into work - not that I doubt or don't trust his snow driving skills.  I DO!  I just don't trust all the other crazies on the road.  Please do Utah a favor and stay home tomorrow everyone!