Jan 3, 2011

Happy New Years..... Resolutions!

I have no full length mirrors in my home.  It's nice.  Getting dressed is a lot less painful and much quicker.  I just put on my clothes I feel like wearing and then I don't have to worry about it for the rest of the day.  But at work the bathroom mirror lets me see to mid thigh.  I like that mirror.  It's nice to my figure, much nicer than the picture frames, windows, etc I constantly judge my reflection in when I walk by.

I was thinking of this because with new years there is lots of talk of resolutions.  I of course pay more attention to people's unhealthy weight loss goals then even they probably do.  Yesterday at church everyone who mentioned their goal of being healthy labeled it as "loose 20 pounds"  I don't know why 20 is the magic number for women.  Many of the girls with that goal should probably gain 5. 

So what is my new years resolution you might ask if its not about weight.  I personally LOVE my new years resolution.  Every year for new years I throw out all my underwear and buy all new ones!  It's one of my favorite times of year.  Of course I don't throw away my SUPER cute ones, or one's I recently purchased.  My parents even got my a gift card this year for Christmas to help with my resolution.  So last night I stayed up way to late picking out new underwear from victoriassecret.com and today I will stop by target to get some "no rise" guarantee undies.  They are the best!

Good luck with your resolutions!  I've already completed mine and there's no way I'll feel like a failure, I'll feel like a million bucks!