Jan 31, 2011

at least it's over now

Yesterday marked an end to the worst week ever.  Zeb got rear ended, then rear ended again.  Friday was spent talking to two insurance companies, the auto body repair shop, enterprise rental center, and some visits with family.  After things started winding down I got a major stress headache - or what I thought was.  Turns out I'm just sick.  Sick, sick, sick.  Stayed on the couch for about 8 hours yesterday being miserable, but at least not lonely.  Zeb made a grocery store run for me yesterday to get some medicine, tissues, orange juice, and the likes from the store and surprised me with these beautiful flowers!  These are I believe the first flowers I have ever gotten from someone besides myself (I was once a florist), or a family member.  I love them and they made me feel so much better!

please ignore my messy desk and the Nyquil pills :)