Feb 1, 2011

Monday agenda

work all morning, in the afternoon help get insurance cleared for chiropractic visits.  Take a trip to the chiropractor, take a trip to wendys, take a trip to the hospital for an x-ray, take a trip to blockbuster (where the bathroom was closed so I had to go over to the gym and sign in for 3 minutes to use the bathroom - when you got to go you got to go).  On to my apartment to watch movies and help with homework while switching ice packs and loading up on medicines.  As NyQuil sets in, go to bed.  I should have made time for a shower at some point.  But there was no time for that. 

Tuesday Agenda:

Take a shower!  Go to work with wet hair and minimal makeup.  Stay busy at work as long as possible.  Leave work early (I'm sure).  Get to the grocery store.  Return movies at block buster for new ones.  Feel bad about not going to the gym for a week, sit on couch.  Try to feel better while helping with homework and switching out ice packs. 

I can't wait for this blasted cold to be gone and Zeb's neck to start feeling better. 

PS:  We had to be out of Zeb's apartment last night because his roommate was proposing to his girlfriend of 3 months last night.  She did say yes.... so that's a good sign.  I'm not going to say I'm not just a little bit jealous, but also, it led to an awesome conversation between Zeb and I.  I'm so lucky :)