Jan 7, 2011

Happy Friday Everyone!

We have almost made it to the weekend.  I hope you all have wonderful fun plans for this weekend.  I have plans to rest and sleep.  My bed and been so incredibly comfortable lately!  Love my heated blanket!!!

Last night I met with my wonderful counselor who happened to write a guest post on a blog and encouraged me to read it (we were talking about new years resolutions).  I highly recommend reading it Here.  It just says the same things she tells me when I go and chit chat with her. 

HA HA last night, I did something kinda silly.  You go to a counselor to talk about things going on in your life right?  Last night I actually apologized to my counselor for talking about myself the whole time.  I don't know why I did really, it's just habit to share the conversation and I'd realized I'd be talking about myself for about 20 minutes.  She just laughed at/with me.

See you Monday!