Jan 10, 2011

Let me start off by saying... please don't worry about me! 

I didn't eat lunch today.  I didn't have time in the morning to make it so I ate breakfast grabbed my two snacks and decided to go out for lunch.  Then when my lunch plans didn't go though and I had the option to work though lunch I decided to do it by eating my snacks as my lunch instead.  It wasn't very much food.  I knew missing my afternoon snack would be a bummer.  When I last asked my nutritionist about when it's ok to skip a snack and when it's not she said it's just trial and error.  So based on my stomach right now I'm hungry enough to eat a meal but really not super hungry and I LOVE the feeling of an empty stomach... however, for the past 4-5 hours I've been really foggy and not able to pay attention and I've had a headache.  I don't miss feeling like this all the time.  It makes me realize why I needed to change - now that I eat regularly.  I know because I skipped meals today I'll be likely to overeat at dinner.  That's ok - my body needs the food.  I won't be mad at myself.  But right now I need food!  And while I'm craving LOTS of sugar, I know it's because that's the most immediate source of energy.  Instead I'll eat something more balanced, I don't know what yet, but I gotta get out of work and get some food.  See everyone tomorrow!