Jan 18, 2011


Well, I have finally pulled myself out the fog of 
         sadness that has been following me 
     around for about 1.5 weeks now.  And let me 
tell you, I miss all the sleep!  Things that were driving me
           crazy are now somewhat more bearable.  

For Instance:                   
The leak in my ceiling which has now spread    
and requires two cups instead of just one, and soon
might require a bowl has become more of        
a comforting white noise than a nails on chalkboard
sound while I'm going to sleep at night.      

The stress of the unknown can
now be viewed as an adventure with endless

    And I got a bit of movement 
I've been desperately looking for.

Also, I started a new crafting project:
 A baby blanket for ......
Well I can't just give that information out
Maybe I'll tell you once I have permission to
spread the word :)             

Not to mention it's my mom's birthday!

Happy birthday mommy (even though you don't know about this blog)

I love you very very much