Jan 25, 2011


Karli pretty much had to force me to go to this 24 hour fitness class.  Not that I don't love working out - but I tend to avoid crowds and let me tell you, we went last night, and it was crowded!!!  Like over 100 people crowded.

For those of you who may not know it I have danced pretty much my entire life, from with my daddy as a little girl, to the high school dance team.  I even took some classes at BYU but that is where my talent came to an end.  So despite the fuss I put up, deep down inside I was pretty excited to get moving and shaking again.  It was so much fun!!  a little hard on the thighs, but overall a blast.

For those of you who are not into aerobics classes I would suggest giving it a try - I do have one, very important tip however, make sure to wear underwear that is, how do I put this gently, not going to ride up with all that hip shaking action going on.  It makes for a very long hour.