Feb 21, 2011

2003 - the year of the man-hole

I think it's very important that you all know about the time I fell in a man-hole.  It had a cover on it, but it was not put on correctly so when playing a game of frisbee I stepped on the edge of it, it tilted and swallowed my right leg whole.  I had a huge scrape running the length of my leg and had to be rescued out of the depths since the cover and cinched itself onto my thigh.  I cried, a lot, once the boys were out of sight.  But my roommate bought me chocolate and whatever comes in that brown bottle that makes your sores fizz and clean out (peroxide I think).  Then eventually my scar healed up and three weeks later I pulled a thistle out of my skin I didn't know was there (which was extremely gross and extremely cool at the same time ) and now the only way you would know this incredible story is if I told you.  Can you imagine, someone running after a frisbee and in mid run sinking two feet into the ground!!  It was funny - and eventually I even saw the humor in it too.

Happy Monday