Feb 10, 2011

I've been trying to think of fun things to post on my blog.  I get ideas late at night and then by morning I've forgotten them all.  But the good news is I'm finally feeling better!  And I mean feeling great!  Being sick always makes me appreciate how wonderful I feel after.  Hopefully I'll get to go see Zeb's sweet new nephew if he's feeling up for it this weekend!  I'm dying to meet him!!!! 

Last night I dyed my hair brown.  It needed it.  I've been bleaching it for 36 months now and it was breaking and falling off.  My bangs are almost always stick up because they are so short from breakage.  But there was a dilemma in this..... what if I get married?  What color do I want my hair?  and, what if Zeb hates it?!?!   Well I told him the other night it's important for him to know what I look like with my natural hair color before any life decisions are made.  I haven't seem him yet - but I like it alright and I guess that's what really matters :)  Hair color is not a forever thing.

Also it's a small blogging world.  My friend Camille got my hooked on the NeiNei dialogues, well my eating disorder counselor (whom I absolutely adore) recommend that I read an article she wrote for the blog C.Jane.  I love both of the these blogs.... not sure why.... and I think you will love them to!  Well it just so happens that NeiNei and C. Jane are sisters!  Can you believe it.  And my counselor is their neighbor and in their ward.  Anyways read their blogs... love their blogs... and them!

Oh yeah - here is a picture of my brown hair - still growing on me