Feb 8, 2011

Sorry I've been absent from the blogging world.  Well, not really absent, but more of a spectator this week.  I love reading blogs!  I know I'm a little behind because blogging was really big... like.... awhile ago.  But it makes me happy to read what people are up to and look at their pictures and just see what life is like for other people.  I was thinking about something my counselor told us a long time ago in my eating disorder group.  She said when people are really happy they tend to know that the moment will pass and such intense happiness can't last forever.  But when they are sad the instinct seems to be to panic and worry they will never be happy again.  I was reading some old journal entries a few nights ago from a time in my life I was really sad and depressed.  I just didn't see things ever getting better.  But now, that I've made it though that darker time I can see it for what it was, just the natural ebb and flow of life.  I'm so grateful I fought for happiness in my life and didn't settle for mediocre.  I've never been happier or felt more safe and comfortable in my own skin.  It's worth fighting for.