Feb 15, 2011

You Are Loved

Have you ever noticed how relationships on the rocks tend to end slightly before valentines day.  I'm sure you have.  Well I'm in a relationship that is not on the rocks - and for the first time ever (for both of us) I got to celebrate valentines day with my boyfriend!  Ha!  We celebrated on Saturday.  I have him some new cologne and I got a beautiful bracelet, red roses, and chocolate!  I was for sure not expecting all three!!! :)  We hung out with family and visited his new nephew.  Then in the evening we went to Tempanyaki for dinner.  It was a fabulous day and I love that man more than I can say.  Yesterday we decided to celebrate again - because - why not!  So after his test we went out for more food but not before I talked to his roommates and let them know we wanted to use his TV for a movie night to ourselves.  Somehow it worked!  So we watched Knight and Day on his comfy couch with no other company and it was truly blissful.  Oh, and I got a foot rub.... doesn't get better than that!  

But as a side note I know there are a lot of people who don't celebrate valentines day because it's a painful holiday.  I usually spend my holiday delivering flowers to other people or decorating the kitchen table with chocolates and sweet notes for roommates to feel loved.  Service is the best way to spend valentines day - that service can be to anyone you love, not just one lover.  There is enough love out there to go around and I hope you felt a lot of it yesterday because you are loved.... by so many people - including me!