Mar 14, 2011

A big mistake

I had a stressful Friday.  There was a very expensive mistake made a work and no one wanted to be responsible for it.  Somehow the address of the orders got mixed up from the orders themselves in the system and so all the orders that came in were shipped to the wrong stores.  I import the orders and so there was some speculation as to if it was my doing or the company who sends to the files to import.  I was sure it wasn't me but when the company came up with the explanation of what had happened I would have been the only one who's fault it was.  But I don't really make mistakes like that often.  But I could not rule out the possibility of human error and after all, I may not be my body, but I am human!

So I did the only thing there is to do after being attacked and full of stress for hours on end..... I cried

You may not know that I work for the most wonderful man ever.  But while I was telling him what happened and how it may be my fault or it may not, I broke down.  He was as nice a boss as ever and told me he really didn't think I made the mistake but if I did, well, people make mistakes.  I asked him if I would get fired.  He assured me I would not.

Then I cried the whole drive home and while I was distracted by an awesome date night I was still really sad wondering if I really had cost the company that much money.

Then about 3 am I woke up realizing there was no way I could have made that error.  The system had guards in place from keeping such a simple mistake from happening.  The company would have had to send the file under the wrong names for the system to have imported them.

While the mistake is still a big one, and whoever made it, I have to clean it up.  But I feel much better... well, kinda better.... knowing I'm cleaning up someone else's error and not my own.  But I still can't wait for this whole thing to be completely behind us!