Mar 10, 2011

As fate would have it, last Christmas I decided I wanted to sew a blanket for Zeb as a present.  About half way through (and way behind schedule) my sewing machine broke.   I was able to borrow one and finish the blanket but I have not since replaced my sewing machine.  Until Sunday (the beauty of cell phones) I was able to browse new sewing machines during sunday school and decided to get the exact same machine again.  Because hey - it worked great for like 6+ years and was pretty cheap.  It's on it's way to me right now.  Which is great news because I have some pants that i can't wear until I hem them :)

Yeah for sewing!  I didn't realize how much I truly need one in my life.  I think I will always have a sewing machine.

For those of you looking for a good one - the Brother CS6000 is great!  And at $135 I highly recommend it!