Apr 20, 2011

The big 27!! ( I think)

I have been forgetting how old I am since the time someone asked me how old I was and I quickly replied 19 without thinking.... I was 23 or something.  In fact the other day my mom was asking me if I wanted anything particular for my birthday ( I told her a diamond ring, which she can't get me) and I had to check and make sure I really was turning 27 (I am).

So far it's been the perfect day - it is however only 8:30 but I'm sure it will only get better :)

26 was a great year!  I hope 27 can top it.... Here are some wonderful things that happened in my 26th year:

a.  Keith and Vanessa had the most beautiful baby girl for me to spoil.
b.  Kelly married the love of his life Melissa and they are bringing me another baby to spoil (we find out today if it's a boy or girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
c. Scottie came home from his mission - my family was together after 3 very hard years of separation for me.
d. I began and graduated (after several hard moths) eating disorder coulseling and weekly appointments with a nutritionists who told me "It's so nice to see people succeed in their recovery sometimes, not many do so well"
e. I met the love of my life and convinced him to stop chasing other, taller, woman and fall in love with me!
f. I quit my fun but horrible dead end job, with no benefits, and the worse boss in the world to find a job I love, with benefits, and great bosses!

I am truly so blessed!  May 27 be just a wonderful - HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!