Apr 7, 2011

It's been a werid day already

My day started about 5:40.  Well actually 5am.  I woke up - went to the gym to work out with my trainer and then got ready for the day.  I felt great! 

Yesterday I felt icky which I have a lot lately.  Headaches, grumbly stomach, the works.  Well yesterday I had to run an errand for work and I got some fresh air and felt great.  Then when I got back into my office my headache immediately returned :(  This got me thinking.....  Salvador used to be in this office and he moved out because he found mold and the smell was bothering him.  Then I remembered nothing was ever done about it!  No wonder I've been feeling so worn out and headachey, etc!

So today I brought in some vinegar (that's what it told me to use on carpet to not bleach it and kill the mold)  and I scrubbed one of the spots and there is now a fan blowing on it.  Tomorrow I'll do the big spot behind the file cabinet.  If it doesn't work I'll change offices.  Ewe - just looked for picture of mold to include here and they were all disgusting.... I'll spare you

Then I went to pop my snack size popcorn for a morning snack and I pooped the circuit breaker instead.  Damn.  Maybe I should go fix it instead of just leave it pooped.  I really wanted my kettle corn!