Apr 6, 2011


As I mentioned, last night I went to the documentary "I am not my body" up on BYU's campus.  I had not been up there in over a year and to be honest I didn't really miss it.  But the documentary was incredible!  What an amazing story of Marius and he journey towards recovery after a tragic fire.  He lost his nose, both his hands, and has had to undergo several surgeries.  I love stories of hope, and love, and happiness.  It is such an example to me that this life is what we make it.  If we focus on the good - we will see the good.  If we focus on all the crummy stuff that goes on around us all the time, we will only see life as crummy.

Now, for a word about health from an amazing woman I spent a lot of time with - go HERE

Also, My birthday is in exactly 14 days.  My 27th birthday!  I had a feeling when I turned 26 it was going to be a special year (I feel that every year however), but boy was this year ever special.  I can't believe it is almost over!!!!  Should we celebrate?  I think so!