May 16, 2011

The other day I was driving to work (late... as usual) and I was still pretty groggy, seeing and I'd probably only been up - what - 10-15 minutes.  As I stopped at a stoplight my favorite song came on the radio (Love you Adele).  I turned up the radio to enjoy it and as I looked at the car to my left I realized there was a performance to my favorite song going on.  This young lady (completely oblivious to her surroundings, and for no attention but her own pure enjoyment) began singing like she was auditioning for American Idol.  She swayed to the rythm throughout her performance and I couldn't help but think I with as loud as she looked like she was singing if I had turned down my radio I probably could have heard her through both of our closed car windows.  It made my morning.

Thank you lady who also enjoys Adele's music.

Thank you Adele.

No Thank you to the radio stations who are WAY overplaying this song and making me sick of it already.