May 12, 2011

I got some really beautiful flowers from Zeb for my birthday a few weeks ago and they were just starting to die.  About 1/2 the plant was dead and turning brown so I threw it away towards the end of my work day.  Sad to see it go - but working in the flower business for years I know that flowers can't last forever.  Yesterday I went into the break room at work to see that someone had taken it out of the trash and put it on the table with the microwave as a decoration.  This strikes me as extremely funny since it's really dead by now.  But what should I do?  Leave the dead flowers on the table since someone clearly wanted them enough to fish them out of the trash can.... or throw them away again since, well they are dead? 

Oh man..... just strikes me as really odd.  To each his own I guess :)  I'm just glad my flowers are bringing the break room (and whoever put them there) as much joy dead as they brought me when they were alive.