Jun 28, 2011

A much needed Vacation

Hello all,

I'm back from the great northwest!  Zeb and I flew out there last Wednesday to go to a Davis "Family Reunion" - at least thats what I called it.  It was really just a vacation with all of my family members and their spouses and children (ok, one child in person and one in the womb).  Let me tell you it was so needed and so perfect!  We collected sea shells on the beach, had a campfire, rented jet ski's, played games, took naps, went to a kite festival, and most importantly made sure my sweet niece Kaitlyn knows who I am!  So much fun... and so needed.  I came home rested and ready to take on more wedding planning.  Oh and while we were out vacationing we got our marriage license, booked a photographer for the temple, and finalized our invitations which are being printed this week..  Super productive as well!    Pictures to follow