Jun 30, 2011

The big move

Well folks, It finally happened.  I moved out of my moldy office at work and into an office on the side of the building where the heating and A/C work!  I'm really moving up in this place.  The only problem I've ran into is A. The desk is smaller
B. One of the walls is not painted a beautiful green like in the other room.
C. Even though the A/C works it's still very warm in here.
D. There was an ant infestion.  I say was because Zeb and I went on my lunch break to buy some ant killer and it worked like a charm!
E. Today there was a fly buzzing around my head.  Flys don't usually bug me so much but this one was extra friendly.  In one of my attempts to bat it away from my head I accidently squished it instead!  YUCK.    However I did not fatally wound him because he is still flying in and out of my office.  I'm about to spray him with the ant killer. 

I'm so excited for a 3 day weekend!!!  Whoot Whoot - mine will be filled with assembling wedding invites.  Pretty exciting huh?