Jul 6, 2011

Davis family Reunion year 1 (or 2)

Our little trip to the Davis Family Reunion was a great success!  I even convinced my niece not to be afraid of me (and learned how to spell niece.... i before e except after c what???)  I call this the 1st annual Davis Family Reunion even though they had one last year because this was the first year I was able to attend.  Want to know what it was like?  

first we got there and Zeb and I went to the beach and collected treasures from the sea (ie sea shells) they were beautiful and it was the most perfect day!  Really, you can't ask for a more perfect day at the oregon coast.

Then other family members arrived and we ate delicious seafood.  Played ladder golf, cut Kaitlyn's hair, had a campfire in the backyard.  Rented some jet skis. watched Kaitlyn (I don't even know how to spell my own nieces name!  I'll have to figure that one out at the second annual reunion) "swim" for the first time - she loved it, watched movies, watched Zeb golf on the Wii, finalized our wedding invitations, slept lots and lots and went to a kite festival.  There was also a fireworks display on the beach one night but we were way to tired to go.... at least the kids were, my parents went, they said it was fantastic!  After reading all that aren't you tired to?  Now for the pictures:

Zeb made these beautiful sandals for me

My dad flying his kite at the kite festival in Lincoln city