Jul 6, 2011

Jet Setting.... again

As I may have lamented to you several times if we still have time to talk ever, I don't have a day off (except Sunday's) until I get married now.  Well, I do have days off (actually evenings off) they are just filled up with wedding crap.  However this weekend is not filled with wedding crap at all, but rather wedding bliss!  I have three... count them THREE... bridal showers this weekend! 

1. Friday night in Downtown Portland with my mom's besties.... whom I happen to love every single one of them!
2. Saturday morning with all the ladies from the home ward I grew up with and what few friends I still have in Oregon and still like me after being bridezilla :)
3. Monday the 11th is my Utah bridal shower that my super amazing new sisters-in-law are throwing for me.  This may be the most exciting one because all my college friends are invited and my aunts and zeb's families women folk. 

I've always wanted a bridal shower!  Really I really really have.  In fact about 3 years ago I came to the realiziation that I was waiting to get nice things because I may never get new wonderful home things like pots and pans at a bridal shower but that I was still an adult and I still deserved to have nice pots and pans and that kinda of was a turning point for me  I went out and bought myself a matching pot and pan set.  I realized I may get married, I may not, but my life wasn't going to be full of sitting and waiting for something that may or may not happen.  I kinda gave up in a sense and bought myself all the stuff one might get at a bridal shower.... But now, I get a real bridal shower!!!  And not just one..... three!  whoot whoot.  Invites have gone out, Save the date!  If yours hasn't arrived shoot me a text and I'll give you the address!