Aug 9, 2011

Today is wedding beauty day!  I've been whitening my teeth, not tanning (a request from Zeb so he doesn't look super pale), and today I'm getting glitter toes, french tip finger nails, hair extensions, and my eye lashes tinted!  Then when I get to Oregon with my Mom we will get pedicures!  So much fun!  In order to make today last I had to do my last every cleaning check!  Hallelujah that's over! 

Our new apartment has a mutant mosquito infestation come about 8pm.  Turns out the bites are as big as the mosquitos.  I have 4 HUGE bug bites on my right knee and thigh.  They itch to high heavens but I'm so thankful they didn't bite my face or chest so you won't see them on my wedding day.  They are seriously between 1/4 - 1/2" round!!! Maybe we'll register for a bug zapper :)