Aug 8, 2011


So my x-ray showed no stones in my gal bladder.  In leiu of this I started taking medications for an ulcer.  The doctor told me to take it for 3 days and if my symptoms go away I have an ulcer and if the medicine doesn't work I don't have an ulcer and to stop taking it.  Well..... I feel great!  So it looks like I have an ulcer.  I have an appointment with the doctor tomorrow to go over this information.  But the great news is I can eat again!  Nervously.... but I've been holding the food in and digesting it!!  whoot whoo.

Also, we moved into our new place this weekend!  We could NEVER have done it without Zebs amazing family who came whenever we asked them and worked hard until the job was done!  This is the first time I've had people in town to help me move (ok, well I've had one other time) and it's so much nicer than moving by myself which I've done my whole college career.  We've almost got all the boxes empty and I'll post some pictures when it gets cleaned up a bit :)  I cant' wait to move in!  Right now I"m still at crestwood without any possessions... that gets annoying real fast!  haha