Sep 8, 2011

Well we did it!  We made it through our weekend of wedding receptions!  Three wedding receptions took it's toll on us (not to mention our families)  A big thank you to everyone who made it possible and put thousands of miles on their cars!  First I took half of Thursday off to head over to good 'ole Mountain Bloom to make more corsages & Boutonnieres and a bouquet that I didn't even end up holding.  Then Friday morning we packed and headed north to Oakley Idaho.  The trip went by really fast and we had a delicious lunch of Jim's Famous Pizza.  Then I got my hair put up by Anna and headed to the reception center.  Savannah made us the most amazing tiered wedding cake which we got to take the top home (not to save silly... to eat!).

The Idaho reception was great!  Although I must admit a little grueling to stand in line for 2 1/2 hours.  Most of the time people were inside the building and the line was outside so it almost felt like I missed the party... but it  was a nice way to meet everyone.  I had so much fun chatting with Zeb's old teaches, coaches, friends, and relatives.  We headed back to the McBride's house to open presents and I was just completely overwhelmed by people's generosity!  What a neat tradition weddings are to help new couples get started and create their home.  I love it!

A bit of a restless night's sleep (it's really hard to unwind after such a big party!) consisting of about 5 hours of sleep we took off at 8:30 Am to get back to Utah to plan the next days reception.... Pictures to come soon!