Aug 29, 2011

Wedding Party Photo Shoot

Continuing on with my wedding day.... backwards.  Right before the reception we had a wedding party photo shoot with our photographer.  It was a blast!  I had so much fun and I felt so beautiful and the photos turned out AMAZING!  I love pretty much everything about them (with the exception of my waste line - hello Photoshop!)

Take a look - I bet you fall in love with them too!  Such a beautiful location:

This was actually at the end of the photo shoot when my feet were numb and it took me two bridesmaids and a groom to get me back into the car.

I love these photos in the field!  Let me tell you about the friendly grasshoppers who were in love with my dress and crawling up around inside it.  I would shake my dress between pictures to get them out - even still I"m sure a few were photoshoped out :)