Oct 24, 2011

Friday night I had a night all to myself!  My husband went camping, and while I missed him dearly - I was so super excited to have the house all to myself!  I could do anything in the world it felt like.... so........ I dyed my hair, whitened my teeth, ate chocolate, watched a movie and got crafty.  (I tell you what people.... I dream big) (also, I know I could have done any of these things with the hubs home but he wasn't.... so there)  Also, I ate a big piece of steak and some french fries and went for a drive and then got horribly sick.  

This is great news!
For the rest of the weekend I ate various types of meat.... nothing else made me sick.  Just red meat.  And let me tell you it was such a relief to finally eat something that might make me sick and have it work!

Now back to the point:  I had some great deep thoughts about my anxiety and some wonderful chats with my momma.  I remembered things from my anxiety counseling (back in the day) and remembered that I always get anxiety with big life events. (Starting College, graduating from college, getting married)  And I think that's pretty normal.  So it turns out I can calm down because I'm not crazy..... and for everyone who kept telling me I was the calmest bride they'd ever seen (There were several of these comments) Thank you (it hit me a month late)

But now I'm working on that and succeeding and moving on to some amazing craft projects!  Wait until you see the ones currently under way.... (2 baby blankets and some Christmas decorations) and soon to be started (making my wedding dress into a baby blessing dress and scrap booking my wedding!!!)

Are you as excited as me?  I'll post some pics tomorrow.....

Happy Monday!