Oct 27, 2011

So there we were standing in Walmart in front of the isle of Scentsy wax melts trying to decide on a scent that would mask the dog food smell in my office but still smell seasonally appropriate.  I wafted scent after scent until I needed coffee beans to sniff that were no where to be found.  Finally I settled on cinnamon - as pumpkin season is drawing to a close and I don't want any actual food smells because then I'm just hungry all day.  

I got to work the next day to put my cinnamon square into the melting pot and it's strong.... way strong....  Apparently stronger for those outside my office than for me inside because the scentsy was next to the door.  So I moved the cabinet closer to my desk and am trying desperately to keep the strong cinnamon scent contained to my office because, after all, I like the smell of Cinnamon - even if no one from outside of the united states seems to.

I run the scent in ten minute increments and finally today I have given up.  I have brought back the fruit slices scent even though it's becoming winter and precieve fruit slices to be a summer scent.  I need people around here to talking about how much they hate cinnamon!  But I refuse to replace it until my trust block of cinnamon scent is used up to the fullest.

I mean really, who likes the smell of overpowering dog treats more than cinnamon?!?!?!?